Growth hackers for tech startups 

We help tech startups with technical leadership, product development, and growth.



Virtual CTO

Technical leadership for your startup

Development Leadership

Product or platform development management and leadership

Product Development

Agile and DevOps development and testing – iOS, Android, Web…

Customer Insight

Customer feedback and key metrics for your product or platform

Product Management

Assisting founders with product strategy based on customer insight

Grow Your Team

Our goal is for you to replace us by having us hire, train, and mentor your own team


  • We’re part of the  Equinox IT  group and leverage their technical depth to deliver flexible services to help you grow your tech startup
  • We bring the right skills and experience for your need – CTO, dev manager, tech dev lead, Agile developer, tester, tech hiring specialist
  • We provide ultimate flexibility – get a person, a team, a few days, full-time, turn on, turn off, as you require…


Our name Wild Strait honours the raging gales, smashing waves, horizontal rain, and white knuckled airplane landings that are all part of living and working in our rugged, stunning, wild and dynamic Wellington city.

Start the Conversation

Rather than introduce you to all of our available people (there’s a bunch of them), here are a handful of people you will likely meet first when you start a conversation with us (in order of appearance):

  • Adam Blanken – DevOps, IT ops (“Call of Duty: Black Ops” and anything else with the word “ops”) 
  • Deane Sloan – CTO, dev manager, design thinker, start-up growth hacker from way back (okay, “way way back”)
  • Cam Shotter – Crackerjack Agile, mobile and web dev (but ordinary pool player)
  • Jack Gammon – Machine learning and hard stuff dev (N.B. not the hugging type)
  • Andrea Bonora – Talent spotter, capability developer and people whiz (code names: “the extrovert”, “the life of the party”).


Complete the form below to start the conversation; most often Deane Sloan will be your first point of contact.